The vaccine is a hepatitis masteron A virions (LTA-86 strain) grown in cell culture transplanted 4647, purified, concentrated, inactivated and adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide gel. Slightly opalescent suspension on standing is separated into two layers: the top – a clear, colorless liquid; lower – white precipitate easily broken by shaking without floc formation and presence of impurities. 1 ml of the preparation contains at least 50 ELISA inactivated hepatitis virus antigen units A, 0.5 mg of aluminum hydroxide is not more than 0.15 mg of formaldehyde, and 0.01 M phosphate-buffered saline (1 ml). The vaccine does not contain preservatives and antibiotics.

complete vaccination course provides the development of long-term specific immunity in 90-95% of vaccinees.

Active prevention of viral hepatitis A in children aged from 3 years, teenagers and adults.

Vaccination shall be persons who are or will be at risk of hepatitis A infection:

  1. People living in areas with a high incidence of hepatitis A;
  2. Persons traveling to areas with a high incidence of hepatitis A (soldiers, travelers, and others.);
  3. Those contacts in the centers;
  4. Persons exposed to occupational risk of infection: the medical staff and the staff of nursing (especially in infectious diseases, gastroenterology and pediatric units); staff of preschool institutions; employees of sewer and water services; staff, food and catering;
  5. Persons belonging to a particular risk groups (patients with chronic liver disease or increased risk of liver disease, hemophiliacs, patients with multiple blood transfusion, drug addicts, homosexuals, persons promiscuous).

Vaccinations can also be carried to other population groups.


  1. Acute infectious and non-communicable masteron diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Vaccination is carried out not earlier than 1 month after recovery (remission).
  2. Strong reaction (temperature above 40 ° C, hyperemia, swelling at the injection site than 8 cm diameter) at the previous administration of the drug.
  3. Immunodeficiency, malignant blood diseases and tumors.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine.

In order to identify contraindications physician (medical assistant) on the day of vaccination conducts inspection and survey grafting with obligatory thermometry.If necessary, carry out appropriate laboratory tests.

The vaccine is administered intramuscularly in the deltoid (shoulder muscle).

One vaccination dose is: Children and podrostkov- 0.5 ml for adults -1.0 ml. vaccination course of providing long-term protection against hepatitis A, consists of two vaccinations, conducted at intervals masteron of 6-12 months. A single injection of the vaccine provides protection against infection for a period up to 12 months.

Intravenous administration of the vaccine is not allowed!
Opening ampoules and vaccination procedure is performed under strict aseptic and antiseptic rules. Before vaccine dial syringe thoroughly mixed by shaking the vial. When using a vial containing multiple doses, each dose should be administered using a separate sterile syringe with a sterile needle. The vaccine of the opened multi-dose vials to be used within 30 minutes.

Not suitable for use in drug vials with impaired integrity, labeling, as well as changes in the physical properties (color, transparency, etc.). Grafting is recorded in accounts established forms with the date, dose, enterprise-manufacturer, number series, the reactions to the vaccine.

In rare cases, malaise, headache may occur in vaccinated persons, short-term low-grade fever. In rare cases, there is a transient slight soreness or muscle twitching at the injection site, as well as a slight flushing of the skin or slightly pronounced swelling, which pass in 1-2 days.

Given the theoretical possibility of immediate type allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, for the graft is necessary to provide medical supervision for 30 minutes. Locations of vaccination must be provided by means of anti-shock therapy.

allowed simultaneously (in one day), the use of “GEO-A-in-HAC” with other inactivated vaccines the National Immunization Schedule and calendar of preventive vaccination on epidemic indications (except rabies vaccine), subject to the introduction of vaccines in different areas body.

The vaccine should not be mixed in the same syringe with other vaccines.

Product form
in vials of 0.5 ml (1 dose for children); 1.0 ml (1 adult dose or 2 doses for children); 2.0 ml (2 4 adults or children’s dose).

5 or 10 vials are placed in a box made of cardboard masteron with instructions for use and ampoule knife.

5 vials are placed in an open contour cell package (blister) made of PVC film. 1 or 2 blisters placed into cardboard boxes with instructions for use and ampoule knife.

When using vials scored or ampoule opener rings do not invest.

Shelf life 2 years. Preparation of expired application can not be. buy anabolic steroids online bruce lee’s workout anabolic steroids online uk