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Means for intake, substitute the loss of fluids and electrolytes, and contributes to the normalization of metabolism and elimination of acidosis.

GIDROVIT a polyelectrolyte preparation for oral rehydration. It contains electrolytes, the lack of which is often seen in children with diarrhea (of Na + , K + , Cl , HCO 3- ). Timely use of the drug can prevent the occurrence of acidosis and electrolyte disorders, especially for dyspepsia in infants. Part of the preparation Glucose is an energy source, l providing the basic needs of the body.
Following oral administration, glucose is metabolized to CO2 and H2O, and the remaining components are derived primarily with urine and only in small amounts with the sweat and feces.

For intake in order to rehydration and electrolyte replacement (compensation for loss of salt and liquid) for the prevention of diarrhea and water-electrolyte imbalance, resulting from intense sweating (exercise, hyperthermia).


  • hyperkalemia
  • Acute or chronic renal failure
  • anacatharsis
  • Oppression of consciousness, hypovolemic shock
  • Violation of the acid-base balance (metabolic alkalosis)
  • Violation of digestion of carbohydrates in the intestines (malabsorption congenital monosaccharide)

The caution
in patients with impaired oral masteron water and electrolyte balance, associated with renal insufficiency.
In patients with heart failure and hypertension.
In patients with diabetes, as GIDROVIT ® contains in one package 3.56 g glucose.

Use during pregnancy and lactation
Use of the drug is not contraindicated.

Dosing and Administration

The drug is taken by mouth.
Oral solution should be prepared immediately before use.

Dissolve the contents of one sachet with Gidrovitom ® in 200 ml freshly boiled drinking water or chilled water or tea and drink right solution.

If the child does not drink the proposed batch at a time, the prepared solution is given in small portions, until you reach the recommended dose.


Infants and children under 3 years of age
should take from 3 to 5 bags (or more if needed) for 24 hours, which is equivalent to one-half the daily dose (prepared solution).

Children of oral masteron middle age:
A single dose is 1 sachet after each bowel movement.

Older children and adults:
A single dose is 1-2 sachets after each bowel movement.

The drug is administered as a solution at the rate of 150 ml \ kg of body weight for infants and young children and 20 to 40 ml / kg body weight – for the children of middle-aged and older adults.

Higher doses may be used for early treatment rapid and complete fluid loss compensation.

Duration of treatment

Treatment with Gidrovit® should continue until the diarrhea lasts. Whether to continue treatment: more than 24 hours – for infants and young children, and more than 36 hours – for school-age children and adults, is directly determined by your doctor.

At room temperature, ready to use solution is stable for one hour. Any unused portion of the solution must be discarded after one hour after administration. When stored in a refrigerator solution is stable up to 24 hours.

Side Effects
In rare cases, there is nausea and vomiting. Allergic reactions are possible.

In patients without renal oral masteron dysfunction, usually there is no risk of poisoning or overdose of this drug.

When applying this glucose-electrolyte solution, patients with confirmed or flowing latent diabetes (diabetes mellitus) can increase blood sugar levels, up to the state of diabetic coma.

Random intoxication undiluted powder can disrupt electrolyte balance and strengthen diarrhea.

Always consult your doctor in case of overdose.

Interaction with other drugs
effect of cardiac glycosides may be reduced. Patients undergoing treatment with digitalis reception Gidrovita ® necessary to control the concentration of potassium in the blood.

Gidrovitom Treatment ® should be initiated as soon as possible in order to avoid serious fluid loss (depression of consciousness, hypovolemic shock). Severe dehydration, especially in infants should be initially offset by intravenous infusion, and then, if appropriate, an oral therapy.

Diarrhea, often accompanied by vomiting, may be a sign of a serious disease. If diarrhea persists for a long time and / or if the general condition worsens, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In applying the drug GIDROVIT ® in children oral masteron who are breastfed do not need to diet change. Keep giving GIDROVIT ® small portions between feedings.

Children who are not being breastfed, may return to normal eating after 6-12 hours. Infants younger than 6 months of the first portion of milk mixture should be diluted with water (1 part milk mixture plus 2 parts water and 1 part milk mixture and 1 part water). Infants older portion of their regular milk formula given undiluted. Younger and older should be given food containing polymeric carbohydrates, appropriate to this age (eg potatoes, rice, bananas).

GIDROVIT not recommended, if the administered drug is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract (for example, acute intestinal obstruction, vomiting).

Persons suffering from phenylketonuria, congenital metabolic disorders, it should be remembered that GIDROVIT ® [children strawberry] contains aspartame -zamenitel sugar, which is converted in the body into phenylalanine. anabolic steroids for sale online androstenedione for sale buy anabolic steroids uk online